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Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitting it in...

If you're looking for a quick workout I've got several for you.. Earlier this year my schedule was just nuts. Every day I promised myself I get some exercise but mornings were crazy, and there's no way I could do anything during the day - didn't have the kind of job I could just pop out and go to the gym and I was too damn tired by the time my daughter went to bed. So, one night I said, screw it. I've got to do something before I get flabby. So, my bleary eyed self bought a set of  T 25  tapes, a new 25 minute workout from Shaun T of Insanity fame. $119.85 plus tax and shipping.  Not cheap. I know. But I put it on my AMX anyway. When the box arrived a few days later I opened it up even though I really didn't feel like it. Determined to keep my promise I tried one out and slowly got into it. The workouts aren't exactly fun. I'm more a power yoga kind of girl but I try to do one every couple days. Not seven days a week like you're supposed to. All right, sometimes I just do a T 25 workout every other week. I actually mix it up with shorter workouts with the ladies from Tone It Up. You can also catch these two on their Bravo show. I also like the videos from POPSUGAR . Totally free! Throw in regular dog walks with Roxy and I'm feeling pretty good!

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