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Monday, January 12, 2015

Pepto-Bismol Pink

I'm a smart shopper. Still, I've still made some unfortunate purchases over the years. Jeans so tight I could barely sit down, a black summer skirt I didn't realize was see thru until I was standing in front of my bedroom mirror on a very sunny day and a can of Pepto-Bismol pink spray paint. While I won't hesitate to return pricey clothing I'm not going to run over to Lowe's to return a can of 4-dollar paint.

So, I put the can on a shelf months ago and forgot about it until boredom set in over the holiday break. I decided to pair the paint with something else I didn't know what to do with: a paper mache giraffe's head I received as a gift years ago.  I tired hanging it up on a wall once, but it was so realistic looking it gave me the creeps. Now, it's as cute as can be coated in puke perky pink.  So, adorable I added it to a gallery wall in Natalia's playroom.

Giraffe: a gift
Spray paint: Valspar, Satin, 85020 Thistle Field
Linen cork board: old HomeGoods purchase
Picture: HomeGoods frames, pictures from last year's Florida vacation

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