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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mocha the Menace

It's been nearly a year since I've even thought about posting to this blog. Just goes to show you how time flies when life gets a bit crazy. Among other things I've been spending a good chunk of brain power trying to figure out how to keep our new puppy Mocha from destroying our house and yard.

She's part border collie. Part crazy.

Since joining us a few months ago Mocha's peed on every throw rug in the house, dug countless trenches under the fence so she can go "visit" the neighbors dogs and has eaten anything she can swipe when we're not looking: a 5-pound bag of jelly beans, donuts fresh out of the oven and a pair of 2-hundred dollar headphones.

Our other border collie mix, Roxy, was also a handful when she was little but Mocha seems even more determined to cause trouble.

Thank goodness Mocha's so cute and brings it down several notches at night or she just might not be 
 here one morning!

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