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Monday, September 15, 2014

Then there was one...

Now that the school year has kicked in, it should just be a couple weeks before Natalia's sock drawer starts emptying out. Every Fall socks start disappearing at a maddening pace around here. Sometimes I wonder if Natalia's playing tricks on me - hiding dirty ones behind the washer machine instead of in it or cutting up clean ones to make some outfit for her American Girl doll. But she isn't. And I  can't blame the dog - Roxy is two-and-a-half now and no longer gnaws on the house, slipcovers or "anything Natalia". So, I've resorted once again to my rudimentary sock tracker...something I picked up years ago at Anthropologie.

When a sock loses its mate I clip it to this board hoping I'll find the one that's missing some day.

Doesn't make the socks appear any faster...but it's so cute it makes me smile...and almost forget that I'm too cheap stubborn to buy more socks.

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